Full House at Dr. Barkha’s Antenatal Care Workshop in Nagpur

Posted on Aug 5, 2016

Dr. Barkha conducted “Beautiful Beginnings”, an Antenatal Care Workshop, for pregnant couples in Nagpur on the 4th of August, 2016, at the Chitnavis Center in Civil Lines...


The event was a huge success, with a full house and packed audience. Over 40 pregnant couples attended the interactive workshop, where they learnt about various topics that are very important during pregnancy.

Dr. Barkha, in her simple and engaging style, coached the new mommies-to-be about taking the right diet and nutrition during pregnancy, and cleared many common myths about what foods they can eat and what foods to avoid during pregnancy.
She also shed light on the correct amount of weight gain that is healthy during pregnancy. Dr. Barkha then conducted a very engaging and interactive segment on the importance of exercise during pregnancy.

Dr. Barkha got the couples to come out from their seats, and guided them through various simple and effective exercises, that every pregnant women can do at home. The husbands got involved in supporting their wives through various exercise postures, and it was a fun seeing the couples connect with each other during this activity!

The pregnancy care workshop included a practical session on Kegel’s exercises which are very helpful in strengthening the muscles that support the uterus, and are also very effective in keeping your body toned after delivery. Dr. Barkha answered several questions from the participants, who wanted to know how they can overcome common pains and discomforts during pregnancy, whether they can sleep on one side or not, and even if they can do cardio or go to the gym in pregnancy. First time pregnant women were surprised with some of the answers and simple solutions to common pregnancy problems!

The Antenatal Care Workshop also included a very informative segment on ‘Lamaze breathing’, which is a very effective way to stay relaxed, and control pain during labor and childbirth. The mommies-to-be were guided through a practical session on correct breathing patterns and dealing with contractions and various stages of labor. It was a very calming and reassuring session for pregnant mothers who have so many fears and questions about the labor and delivery process.

Dr. Barkha also touched upon a very important topic, i.e. postpartum anxiety and depression that some women may feel after giving birth. She educated the husbands and the dads-to-be about the importance of giving equal attention and taking care of the new mother after delivery, and staying emotionally connected with their wives after the child is born.

In the last segment, Dr. Barkha gave very useful tips and practical demonstrations on caring for the new born baby. She touched upon very important topics like breastfeeding, eating right for proper quality and quantity of breast milk, care to be taking during bathing of babies, baby hygiene and sleeping patterns. There were many fun moments when Dads-to-be were asked to come up on stage and demonstrate how they would safely pick up and hold a life-size baby doll, and make nappies out of a piece of paper! Many husbands realized how important it is to learn to hold the baby securely and properly!

The 2 hour Antenatal Care Workshop was followed by High Tea and sumptuous snacks. Many pregnant couples interacted with each other over tea and coffee, and shared their experiences with each other through various stages of pregnancy. It was heartening to see so many dads-to-be in Nagpur so involved in each and every aspect of their wives’s pregnancy! The moms-to-be were enlightened and reassured about the do’s and dont’s during pregnancy.

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